Coban 103 A+/B+


Connection Parameters

Server Address
Server IP
Server Port 47750
Desteklenen Fonksiyonlar
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Sunucu Uptime

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Coban GPS103 A+/B+ is a cost-effective vehicle tracking device.

A+ and B+ modifications
Both devices support dual SIM card. When 2 SIM cards are installed, only one of them work with tracker, and switches to the other one automatically when it is broken, no GSM reception or no GPRS.

The difference between ?A? and ?B? modifications is the support of the remote controller by ?B? model. It has four buttons and allows to control alarm mode (ON/OFF), engine cut relay and send emergency signal (SOS).

Package contents
Package contents include:

External GPS Antenna
External GSM Antenna
16-pin harness
Engine block relay
Location and tracking
GPS103 A+/B+ model is embedded with GPS and doesn?t have support of GLONASS and alternative systems. It either doesn?t support Assisted GPS (A-GPS) technology. As the back-up, when no satellites signals are available, it uses Cell ID location (also known as LBS-tracking).

Also, the tracker supports turnings. It will update the positions automatically to web server once the vehicle changing driving direction over pre set angle (30 degrees) to form a smooth trajectory consistent with the actual road, this function is only effective in GPRS mode.

Mobile networks
With Quad-band GSM 2G module GPS103 A+/B+ can be operated all over the world.

Power supply
External power supply might be 12V or 24V, which makes possible to install GPS103 both on cars and vans.

GPS103 also features a built-in rechargeable backup battery. When fully charged it ensures about 3-4 hours of device operation (in normal conditions).

Emergency button
Both GPS103 A+/B+ has a small SOS button. To send the SOS signal it?s required to hold the button pressed within 3 seconds.

Local and remote management
GPS103 A+/B+ tracker can be fully controlled over GPRS, including configuration of tracking modes and controlling outputs. There is also a wide list of SMS commands in a human-friendly format, on which device always replies back. It supports remote APN settings configuration by SMS.

You can also configure GPS103 A+/B+ from a PC, but you will require a special serial-cable, which is not included into a standard package.

LED Indication
GPS103A+/B+ has two LEDs

[list icon=?steady-icon-connection-75? icon_color=?#dd3333? ]Red LED indicates GSM/GPRS mode[/list] [list icon=?steady-icon-map-marker? icon_color=?#81d742? ]Green LED indicates GPS reception[/list] Additional features
GPS103 A+/B+ features a micro SD slot, so you can install a micro SD card into it and store all data there. Later you can analyze it, using proprietary software.

Also GPS103 A+/B+ features a built-in microphone for acoustic surveillance.

The manufacturer offers original accessories, such as:

Shock sensor
Fuel Sensor
Remote controller (for ?B+? model only)
Relay for central locking

General information
Purpose Vehicle
Installation Professional
Size 83x54x26 mm (3.27×2.13×1.02 in)
Weight 120 g (4.23 oz.)
GNSS Location
Chipset NewStar, NS-1315
Internal antenna (GNSS)
External antenna (GNSS) Optional
Assisted GPS
Cellular network type GSM Quad Band
Cellular network generation 2G
Internal antenna (Connection)
External antenna (Connection) Optional
RS232 interface
RS485 interface
ACC/Ignition input Feature already supported
Discrete inputs Feature already supported
Analog inputs Feature already supported
Impulse inputs
Frequency inputs
Number of inputs (all types) 4
Outputs Feature already supported
Number of outputs 2
Hardware features
Built-in battery
Battery capacity 800 mAh
Emergency button Feature already supported
Detach sensor
Engine block relay Feature already supported
Non-volatile memory Optional
Hardware extras
Fuel level sensor reading Feature already supported
Fuel temperature sensor reading
Driver ID reading
Voice listening Feature can be supported upon request
Wireless keypad Optional Feature already supported
Engine block special control Feature already supported
Emergency button Feature already supported
Tracking features
Tracking modes Continuous
Smart power consumption
Location by Cell ID Feature already supported
Events monitoring
Battery low Feature already supported
Device switched on/off
Self monitoring
Network signal level
GNSS signal level
GNSS satellites fixed
External power source voltage Feature can be supported upon request
Internal battery level Feature already supported
CAN/OBDII reading
Check engine light
Remote management
Server connection setup over SMS Feature already supported
Device ID type Static (IMEI)
Remote device configuration Yes (over GPRS)
Forced GNSS location update over SMS Feature can be supported upon request
Forced LBS location update over GPRS
Message exchange format ASCII
Firmware update OTA

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