Wonde Proud TT1


Connection Parameters

Server Address server.gp-s.net
Server IP
Server Port 47777
Supported Functions
Automated Activation
Server Uptime

This product is compatible with our system, if you bought new or already using another gps tracking software you can transfer your device to our system online automatically


Wonde Proud TT1 is an advanced GPS terminal with the smart power management. It is a suitable device for vehicle tracking.

It has a high-sensitivity GPS module with the GSM/GPRS connectivity.

This device can send a lot of different reports like towing, speeding or emergency alert and allow to establish a full control over the truck and the driver.

General information
Purpose Vehicle
Size 190 x 115 x 50 mm (7.48×4.53×1.97 in)
Waterproof class IP6X
Cellular network type GSM Quad Band
Internal antenna (Connection)  
External antenna (Connection)  
Discrete inputs  
Analog inputs  
Number of inputs (all types) 4
Number of outputs 4
Hardware features
Built-in battery  
Battery capacity 10400 mAh
Self monitoring
Network signal level   Feature already supported
Network operator ID   Feature already supported
Network roaming status   Feature already supported
GNSS signal level   Feature already supported
GNSS satellites fixed   Feature already supported
Remote management
Server connection setup over SMS   Feature already supported
Device ID type Configurable Feature already supported
Remote device configuration Yes (over GPRS)
Remote outputs control Yes (over GPRS)
Forced GNSS location update over SMS   Feature already supported
Forced LBS location update over GPRS   Feature already supported

I have bought this product from another supplier can i use your system?

Yes exactly. You can use gp-s.net web application and mobile apps with all supported services!

How to activate or transfer my device?

Dont worry about this, we have automated activation system, just turn on your device with your own sim card we will complete the setup automatically

How long take the activation?

Its takes only few minutes, you can make instant activation, register and pay credit online,

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